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Old Stone Barn Custom Restaurant

Open mainly on summer Sundays from 12-16 together with the exhibitions. Other times by appointment.

Old Stone Barn Downstairs: Paintings, pictures and other arts and crafts from various authors. Also regular material from the house.
Old Stone Barn's Sikala Gallery: Changing art exhibitions.
Old Stone Barn's Feed Tower: Changing exhibitions.
Old Stone Barn's Stall: Wooden sculptures by Pasi Eerik Karjula.
Old Side Building: Old rugs, woven fabrics and others of the house.

Vehkaniemi has once, in the middle of the 20th century, been an exemplary cattle breeding farm. According to contemporaries, the rather large Stone Barn represented the high tech of its time, which visitors came to see even further afield. The current owner of the farm, the daughter of the house, is an architect and she has since 2009, when the farm became her property, summer after summer developed the whole courtyard into a unique visiting destination. Traces of the original use have been carefully preserved to recall ancient times and life with their many stories.