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Nature and Culture
€330.00 / 2 d
Price includes 2 persons.


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1st day noon: Welcome to Vehkaniemi Estate, in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish Countryside! Getting to know traditional Finnish peasant architecture, in the cultural historicl valuable surroundings. A tour of the various facilities and the exhibitions of the main courtyard. Accommodation in the unique Panorama Cabin at the lake shore with magnificient views long over the almost wilderness Lake Vehkajärvi. After relaxing, getting to know local countryside village landscapes: having a first day's 'warm up' - hiking route of the Mountain Palellusvuori and it's Lookout Tower with views long over the village and towards the Lake Tarjanne of Näsijärvi waters. F. ex.  beginning from the Pohjaslahti Church representing early 1930's new classial Finish architecture in some couple of km's distance from Vehkaniemi. The church is said to be the only one danish style churh in Finland. On the other end of the route, visiting the Heikintupa Local Heritage museum and Café. On the way back dropping in the local village pub in 3 km distance from Vehkaniemi and having f.ex, pizzas (also take away). COming back to accommodation and relaxing. A wood-heated beach sauna in use at the lake shore independantly (preheated by agreement).


2nd day: Rich countryside breakfast served upper on the hill in the main building of the estate. Hiking trip to the Helvetinjärvi National Park in Ruovesi, on your own.  Along the way, the scenic landmarks of Salussärkkä sandbank and also Rantalansärkkä sandbank - the traces of the Ice period are visible all a long the way to Helvetinjärvi, beginning already from the Lake Vehkajärvi. Coming back via Virrat town. On the way dropping in Toriseva ravine lakes, where possible to have coffee in the old atmospheric Toriseva Café. In Virrat possible to go shopping finnish fashion design in Marimekko Outlet. In the evening coming back to Vehkaniemi. Free barbequing on your own on the gas grill on the terrace of the Panorama Cabin. Relaxing, having sauna, swimming, resting.


3rd day morning: Rich Countryside breakfast again. Leaving the acommodation. Why not bying some unique souveniers of the Vehkaniemi Art Summer Exhibitions. On sale art works, unique wooden design, local handcrafts and other Finnish design.
Departure by half a day towards Mänttä and Serlachius Museums, Gösta and it's architecturally interesting Pavillion in 30 km, Gustaf in 35 km. Also recommandable to visit Mänttä's Fine Art weeks, the largest yearly show of the new Finnish modern art - open on summers.