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Vehkaniemi Estate is a centuries-old family farm situated in a beautiful place with wonderful views to the Lake Vehkajärvi, in 3 km distance from the village center of Pohjaslahti of the Art town Mänttä-Vilppula which is situated 90 km north from Tampere region. The first mentions of the site date back to 1565. Today's owner, daughter of the court, is an architect, and she has year by year improved the court by careful renovation and modernization from a "Sleeping Beauty" to a vivid Holiday and Culture center. Nowadays you can find here many unique premises for accommodation, banquets, company and family celebrations and other meetings, in a cultural historically valuable milieu.

Guests who love nature and peace, like swimming, fishing, saunas, camping and hiking, will feel comfortable here, in the peace and silence of the pure nature. In particular, the high level cultural offering in the near-by cities, as well as the many natural sightseeings, make this resort even more intresting. Imagine, for example, how during one day you can visit Hell (Helvetinjärvi National park in Ruovesi), overnight in a Summer Paradise ( along the Wilderness Lake Vehkajärvi's beautiness and silence) as well as enjoy high level Art and Culture in near by Mänttä, and also in Virrat and Ruovesi areas.

Most of the buildings date from the early 1840s, partly from an older period, and are entirely protected as cultural historically valuable entity. The economic center of the farm includes: main building (1840s), buttress-outbuilding (partly 1700), barn (1939), L-shaped two-storey stone barn (wooden upper part 1940, granite lower part 1878), yard (1840-l), workshop bar (apparently from the same period), cellar (1900-l), unused old so-called a basement (1800-l) and a two-storey granary (1840-l). Stylistically, the buildings represent a typical red-soiled peasant construction in northern Häme. They form a rare intact whole. The house has its own beach sauna, barbecue shed and a beach sauna, which was completed in 1999.  INew ones are the Panorama and its smaller cabin situated up on the hill at the lake shore with good views long over the Lake Vehkajärvi. The coastal areas are mostly to the south.

In the early 2000s there has been completed a large-scale traditional environment restoration project of the whole courtyard. At that time, the facades, water roofs, foundations and part of the windows of the entire building stock of the farm were restored. The traditional plants of the yard district were mapped.
The current owner of the farm, the daughter of the house, is an architect and she has since 2009, when the farm became his property, step by step, summer by summer, developed  the whole courtyard into a unique visiting destination respecting the old, according to the instructions of the National Board of Antiquities. Traces of the original use have been carefully preserved to recall ancient times and life with The Sleeping Beauty sleep-sleeping, in a meanwhile deserted place  has undergone a transformation into a versatile holiday and celebration place.