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Sustainable Travelling

Recyckling through ages

Recycling, composting and self-sufficiency have been practiced in Vehkaniemi for centuries. In the past, everything here has been recovered and utilized. Hanging rugs made of horse or cow hair remind you of times of famine! In construction, many log frames may have already been dismantled, marked and reused several times.


We have chosen ecological energy and waste solutions with solar panels and e.g. with separating, composting eco-toilets. When serving, we prefer local and organic food. Domestic organic cotton options are available for bed linen, we prefer Finnish design. The building materials are mainly from our own forest, trunk trees selected by the carpenter, material felled by our own hands, sawn and dried for a long time. The necessary additional wood is mostly heat-treated wood or larch. Tarred shingles too.


All the woven fabrics are the house's own traditional textiles, after all, even in the main building's room there are curtains woven by the house's previous mistress, Anna Vehkaniemi, from flax grown by her own hands. On the side of Old Väentuva, in his memory, the rugs he weaves and other old weavings of the family are on display. The traces of both women's and men's hands and past lives can be seen here everywhere, on these walls, on these paths, in these fields, on these beaches.