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Summer exhibitions and other events 2022



Sat 28.5.2022  from 0-2 pm Mountain Palellusvuori watchtower opening event

Juice, speeches. In about 4 kilometers walking from Vehkaniemi. Noin 4 km patikointiretken päässä Vehkaniemestä.

Sat 11.6.2022 Village's Summer Start - from 0 -5 pm Open Doors in Vehkaniemi  

Open door's around Pohjaslahti Village in several targets. Vehkaniemi Summer Exhiibitions begin. Artist Päivi Riihinen represents her works, on show ceramics, oil paintings and watercolors.

Vehkaniemi Summer Exhibitions Sat 11.6. -  Sun 31.7.2022

Open on duty on Sundays in July from 12 noon till 4 pm, cafe as well,
At other times, flexibly - but most certainly by prior arrangement!
In the café on sell refreshments and snacks. More food for groups on request.
The main exhibition space on the 1st floor of Kivinavetta also serves as a custom restaurant, Alcohol rights.

Sat 2.7.2022 at 7 pm. Live music, Concrete Mix band's gig in the Vehkaniemi Stone Barn

The band from Helsinki performs a wide range of domestic and foreign rhythm music!
 Voluntary entrance fee 5 €.

Fri 29.7.2022 at 7 pm Live music, Hämericana Trio's gig in the Vehkaniemi Stone Barn

Härmä's guys playing American rhythm music! Voluntary entrance fee 5 €.


Please not that the information may change closer to the events!